jueves, 2 de enero de 2014

The best android games of 2013

The truth is in that the choices of choosing the best games of 2013 is a real hassle. Also, we have to remember that the shooter games are very similar to Call of Duty and Counterstrike.

Drag Racing, is one of those games that make it addictive to the user and is one of Android's best games for the next year! Also, there's the possibility of having up to 50m cars at one same time! This is a game that the family will enjoy!

Angry birds is the next game on the list because of its adventure characteristics that any games would love to play. This games has been chosen as one of the best games and apps by android users worldwide. Also, it is a game where angry brids destroy the greedy pigs who are trying to steal teh angry birds' eggs.

The best game of 2013, is the 3D ball animated that is the absolute best ball game that android has to offer to androig gamers!

Actually this list was shorter than expected simply because of the diversity of opinions and game experience!

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